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9:00–9:10 Introductions and welcome

Session 1: Conceptualization

Chair: Terezie Smejkalová

9:10    The Intensionality behind Legal Concepts and Their Extensional Boundaries: Remarks made on the Connection between AI and Legal Methodology (Angela Condello)

9:40    Conceptualising the Right to Memory: What May Public Spaces Tell us? (Mirosław Michał Sadowski)

10:10 Conceptual Structures and Legal Reasoning (Michał Araszkiewicz)

10:40–11:00 break

Session 2: Conceptualization: Experimental Jurisprudence

Chair: Thomas Giddens

11:00 Alice in Wonderland: Experimental Jurisprudence on the Internal Point of View (Michele Ubertone and Corrado Roversi)

11:30 Conceptualization of ‘public order’ within Czech Legal Style (Terezie Smejkalová and Marketa Štěpáníková)

12:00 Problematizing the Concepts (or Experimental Explanations) of Ocean Governance and Law (Lena Schøning)

12:30–13:30 lunch break

13.30–14:30 Keynote

Jaap Hage: Duties, Obligations and Rights

14:30-14:40 break

Session 3: Law and literature

Chair: Angela Condello

14:40 Letters of the Law: The Imago Decidendi of Baigent v Random House (Thomas Giddens)

15:10 The Dynamics of Consent and Antagonism in Ian McDonald’s Luna Trilogy (András Molnár)

15:40 The judge-butler or the judge-architect in the visual culture. What professionalism? Whose responsibility? (Przemysław Kaczmarek)

16:10  Clothing and Public Order (Markéta Štěpáníková and Terezie Smejkalová)

16:40–17:00 break

Session 4 (parallel): Law and language

Chair: Markéta Štěpáníková

17:00 Vagueness and the Theory of Gaps (Lukáš Hlouch)

17:30 The Concept of Legal Language: Law is Language (Ondřej Glogar)

18:00 The Normativity of Legal Discursive Practice: On the Third Scope of Reason-Giving (Weronika Dzięgielewska)

Session 5 (parallel): Emotions, intuition and legal argumentation

Chair: Michał Araszkiewicz

17:00 Is there Emotional Argumentation in Law? (Marko Novak)

17:30 Do Not Ignore an Elephant. Exploring the Role of Intuition and Experience in Judicial Decision-Making (Linda Tvrdíková)

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