Law and Literature

Studies in “Law and Literature” offer more complex comprehension of the concept of law but also offer new vision of legal methodology. Throughout analysis in Law in Literature we ascertain what law is and what the role of law and jurisprudence in society is. Even today in not-ending development in belles-lettres (and other forms of art) we can find new conception of law or new findings in legal methodology.

This stream aims to provide a space for discussing the contemporary applicability of literature in law and jurisprudence. It enables to share findings amongst lawyers, legal academics and experts and academics from various humanities. And, at last, this stream is focused on possibility how to use findings like this in legal praxis.

We invite papers discussing issues oriented toward “Law and Literature” which may include the following areas of research:

  • Interpretation of literature in jurisprudence
  • Artistic description of contemporary law
  • Exploitation of literature in legal education
  • Literature in legal argumentation
  • Literature in rationalization of law
  • Use of literature in court decisions
  • Propaganda in service of law and jurisprudence

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