Law and Visualisation

Commonly, the figure of Justice is depicted blindfolded and the Law is regard as strictly textual. Simply put, only words (i.e. natural language), either spoken or written, are generally used to communicate the legal norms. However the contemporary society is becoming thanks to the rapid development of information and communication technology steadily more visual. Consequently, the traditional notion of Law and its communication is challenged by this “pictorial turn”.

The “Law and Visualisation” stream shall therefore focus both on the theoretical aspects as well as its practical implications of the law visualisation and visualification. The participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions and experience with the use of visuals/images in legal communication. Especially, the impact on the speeding up of the legal communication, its comprehensivness and its limits (i.e. the legal interpretation of images) may be discussed. Also, the real life examples of visual legal communicationin in teaching of law and trial practice are welcomed.

The papers submitted to this stream shall focus, but not limited to, to the following areas of research:

  • Multisensory Law
  • Visualisation in Legal Education
  • Visualising Legal Reasoning
  • Argument Mapping
  • Structuring the Complexity of Law via Visualisation
  • Visual Literacy in Law
  • Pictorial Law

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